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08/21/14 - Books and typography

Saturdays for me is best spent strolling downtown having had a cup of coffee or taro milk tea with tapioca bubbles and a couple of hours spent between bookshelves.


Growing up in the provinces of the Philippines we had no access to endless amounts of books. As my family and I migrated to America in the summer of 1994 my cousin took me to the library so I can practice reading and improve my English. Free books to borrow for a month! The concept was so new to was as if I could borrow the queen's crown to wear everyday for a whole month. It was wonderful!

I am not a fast reader to this day. I enjoy reading a good book but what I love about the library is browsing through every shelf and admiring book covers. I admired the illustrations, photography, its age and gained curiosity about the different fonts.

It was quiet fitting that my first job out of school was for a publishing company to design books.

Cyrene MaryComment