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Exploring and creating different collage style has been a big part of my design life this month. We are working on an epic project involving multiple personality and problem is how to best represent them along with there image. Collages, I could still remember when this art form was introduced to me in grade school. I don't remember what I created but I remember the emotions I felt during the act of cutting and collecting images and words. I felt inventive and excited to create something new out existing images. I also felt great at the idea of creating a new visual story and making a difference in the environment by reusing old magazines.

I love collages. In fact, just last year when I was feeling like I've been spending so much time on the computer, attending meetings and being pregnant... I wanted to go home, read the latest print of Glamour or read a few articles from the Sunday newspaper and start cutting and pasting a collage together. I even bought an accordion folder to collect all the images I've cut out. I told myself, it'll be a great daily hands on exercise. But of course other things became priorities, exercise, food prep, family time. To this day, I still have that accordion folder and I still cut out images I like from magazines hoping that I can steal one hour to shuffle and compose a story through a collage. Someday, I'll have a massive collection of magazine cutouts to use by that time. 

I'm lucky enough to be exercising this art form as part of my full time job.

Below is a list of some of the websites I'm reading and exploring on the subject matter regarding collages. 
1. CreativePassport   2. 35 Collage Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners (and Experts)   3. Wikipedia - Collage

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