From the words of Kelly Clarkson’s recent single. I’m a whole lotta woman.

I’m proud of the history that trails behind me because it made me a woman of truth and humility. I’m an observer of life; with the insight I feel privilege to be part of such a beautiful chaos. I’m always curious because there are simply so much to understand and so many ways to improve.

Today, I feel poetic. Other times, analytical.

Creation is my passion and helping is my destiny.


Cyrene Mary
Sunnyvale CA 94087

Tel. +1 650-224-9017

I am a visual designer living in California. I started my professional design journey at San Diego State University as a working student for 3 years at the Daily Aztec, a student run newspaper production team. Eager to tackle New York City just after collage; I freelanced with various design agencies and settled for a design position at Assouline, a luxury book publishing company. Here I was exposed to high fashion, legendary architects, artist and writers. Yes, I felt fancy but in truth, poor and lonely for home. San Francisco, bay area was my home.

I returned to pursue a master’s degree in Creative Direction at the Academy of Art. There I dived in to explore truly how design can change the world. I learned that design is not just a layout on a page, or selecting the correct typeface to accompany an image but how design can teach, can organize and can even touch the human spirit. I enjoy the research process at the start of very project. I love the soul and the story telling behind composition. Most of all, I value the collaboration that happens amongst a team of designers, editors, marketing and outside vendors. They all make me look real good. 

I am extremely thankful for one recruiter that remembered me, my personality, my style and my work and introduced me to Benefit Cosmetics. Six years later, I have worked on catalogs, press releases, education and training materials and the crème de la crème… packaging. It isn’t rocket science or human surgery but it feels good to know that the work we do and the products sold gives many women an extra boost of confidence to tackle the day.

I strive to design materials that can help inform, contribute by adding order and clearly through the design process and make a difference in how consumers relate to brands.